CONDI LOC VAE EN 10.02.18 GENERAL RENTAL TERMSS Article 1 - Who praises what, to whom? Purpose of the contract: The rental of a VAE-electric with its accessories, equipped with all equipment provided by MAS BLANC RURAL SL B55534135 Ctra Reus, 79 E-43460 ALCOVER, under the brand INGEO-MOBILITY-SOLUTION.COM ci- below called "THE RENTER". The VAE, its accessories and basic equipment rented hereunder, taken alone or collectively, are designated "RENTED PROPERTY". The mention "THE TENANT" applies to the person, the family, the company or the group of co-responsible persons without divisibility and whoever the driver of the RENTED GOODS.
Article 2 - Configuration of the Rented Goods Basic equipment of the VAE: Each rented VAE is equipped with: front and rear lights, battery, helmet, yellow safety vest, anti-theft and chain lock, front basket, puncture-resistant bomb, luggage rack, odometer, doorbell .
Article 3 - Terms of use: The renter and / or the designated driver certifies to be able to be able to use and have the control of the rented property (he will consult the mode of operation of the changes of speed if he is not sure of him). The tenant declares that he has no medical contraindications. All minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult with an authorization signed by the parents or guardians, guaranteeing civil and economic liability. The tenant agrees to use the rented property himself. The loan or subletting of the rented property is strictly prohibited. The tenant is forbidden to intervene on the rented property in case of breakdown without the agreement of the renter. It is forbidden to park the VAE on a sandy beach, as damage to the pedelec could be irreparable. The tenant agrees to use the rented property as a good father. He is the custodian of the Rented Goods and remains responsible for their use with regard to the Rented Properties themselves as well as to third parties. The tenant agrees to respect the highway code and pay attention to pedestrians. Wearing the helmet by the tenant is highly recommended by the renter. The tenant recognizes that the renter offered him a headset on loan. When parking the VAE, it is mandatory for the tenant to install the lock (padlock + chain) (pass the chain by the frame, saddle and wheels, and attach the VAE to a support attached to the ground or parking bikes). VAE: Its use is strictly prohibited to people over 100 kg and under 1.55 m or 10 years. Luggage Carrier: Their use is strictly limited to the carrying of non bulky objects not exceeding a weight of 22 kg, including the Accessory bag. It can not be used to transport a person. Baby seat: Its use is limited to children aged 2 to 5 years whose weight is between 8 and 18kg. The baby must be properly strapped by means of the belts provided for this purpose. Trailer child: Its use is limited to 2 children from 2 to 6 years for a total weight not exceeding 28 kg. Baggage trailer: The renter is responsible for securing the luggage transported. The lessee is prohibited from using non-bodied or ATV-only roads, The tenant is forbidden to go up and down sidewalks on the pedelec.
Article 4- Assistance The tenant declares to benefit from an insurance assistance in the event of breakage of the VAE, incident or accident. The renter agrees to dispatch on site, as soon as possible, a convenience store that will replace a new pedelec or a similar VAE pedeley leased. If this is not possible, the tenant will not be able to make any claim relating to the damages caused. This assistance is geographically limited to roads accessible to motor vehicles, dependent, where appropriate, for the lessee to join an accessible road. This assistance is available 7 days a week from 9am to 6pm. Assistance is free: - for the beneficiaries of the Insurance, referred to in Article 8 below, - in any case, in case of problem inherent to the VAE (breakage, breaking of a brake cable ...). Problems such as derailment, battery depletion, punctures ... are not covered in the assistance. When the assistance of the lessor is solicited outside the cases of assumption of responsibility, the tenant will bear the cost fixed at a flat rate to 50 € TTC by intervention.
Article 5 - Taking effect, making available and restitution: The rental takes effect within 3 minutes from the moment when the tenant takes possession of the rented property delivered to him. The present contract is in force only for the duration of the rent and until the control by our technicians of the good condition of the VAE on its return. If the tenant retains the VAE and accessories beyond this period without having regularized his situation, he loses the benefit of the guarantees provided for in the contract. The tenant acknowledges having received the Rented Property in good working order with the basic equipment. He declares that he personally had the discretion to check the Rented Goods and to choose them according to his needs. The tenant agrees to return the rented property in the state in which he rented it, except for normal wear and tear. The loss of components and accessories, as well as damage due to misuse will have to be declared at the time of the return of the rented goods, and will be charged to the tenant, any failure harms us for disorganization of service, delay ,. that we estimate a 25% increase in repairs and interventions with a minimum of 50 €.
Article 6- Payment and methods of payment of the benefit: The entire service is paid by the tenant under the following conditions: - at the time of conclusion of the contract in case of immediate availability of the Rented Goods - at the time of the order in case of reservation in situ or by internet. The methods of payment accepted are: by credit card. In all cases the deposit is taken as collateral at the time of the provision of the Rented Goods.
Article 7 - Booking - Cancellation Any reservation gives rise to the collection of a deposit of 30% of the value of the rental of the reserved property. The tenant has the option to cancel a reservation under the following conditions: - More than 30 days before the service: Cancellation without reason and restitution of the deposit. - From 30 days to 24h before the service: As compensation MAS BLANC RURAL SL B55534135 Ctra de Reus, 79 E-43460 ALCOVER keeps the deposit paid. - Less than 24 hours before the service: The whole of the ordered service is invoiced to the tenant who is obliged to pay it. The cancellation fees will not be paid when the cancellation is caused by the illness duly justified by the tenant, or in case of proven detestable meteorological conditions (winds with gusts of more than 80km / h, storm of rain or snow)
Article 8 - Liability - Damages to Rented Goods - Theft: The renter releases MAS BLANC RURAL SL B55534135 Ctra de Reus, 79 E-43460 ALCOVER from any liability arising from the use of the Rented Property in particular with regard to the bodily, material and immaterial consequences of accidents of any kind. The tenant declares to hold a personal insurance in civil liability which guarantees the responsibility incurred during the use of the Leased Goods by himself, the persons in his care that his attendants, family and friends, members of the group or company and its customers. Subject to what is said in article 9 below, the tenant does not benefit from any cover for the damage or the theft suffered by the Rented Goods and engages personally responsibility for the said damage, breakage and theft. The damage suffered by the Rented Goods, the theft or the loss of the Rented Goods will be invoiced to the tenant according to the tariff in force fixed hereafter "nomenclature of the degraded parts".
Article 9 - Property damage insurance - Flight - Assistance: In return for a lump sum bonus of 10 € for a period of 1 day up to a week and by VAE, the renter insures the tenant against the consequences of the theft and damage to the rented property subject to the application of a deductible of 1200 € by VAE and Accessories for both theft and for all the damage suffered by the Rented Goods. Theft insurance is subject to filing a complaint with local authorities and providing a copy of the filing of this complaint. For groups, regardless of the number of people in this group, the insurance must be underwritten by all group members and drivers, even if they are occasional. The insurance also guarantees assistance within the limits of what is stated in Article 4.
Article 10 - Deposit: When the rented property is made available, the tenant puts in guarantee a deposit by credit card fixed at: - 300 € by VAE in case of subscription of the Property Damage Insurance - Theft, referred to in article 9, - 1200 € by VAE in the absence of insurance subscription referred to above This deposit is not cashed during the rental period, Upon return of the rented property, the deposit is returned to the tenant, after checking the good condition of the VAE and its acessoires, this in the week of restitution. The tenant authorizes the renter to deduct on the deposit the sums due: - under the franchise, - in repair of damage and theft whose costs are fixed below: "nomenclature of degraded parts". - as compensation for late return of the Rented Property. It is expressly agreed that the amount of the deposit can not in any case constitute a limit of guarantee, the renter retaining, if necessary, the right to sue the tenant in order to obtain full compensation for his loss.
Article 11 - Restitution: The return of the Rented Goods will be done at the contractual maturity being specified that: - For half-day rentals, Rented Goods must be returned before 14h or before 19h30 depending on whether the half day is morning or afternoon. - for day rentals, the Rented Goods must be returned before 19:30. Any late return will result in the application of a fixed penalty equal to the rate of one day rental per half day or day late.
Article 12- Use of rented property The Leased Property can not be assigned or pledged. The tenant agrees in a general way not to consent to the rented property any right, real or otherwise, for the benefit of anyone, likely to affect the enjoyment or limit the availability or full ownership of the renter.
Article 13 - Dispute In the event of any dispute relating to the performance, interpretation or termination of this contract, the competent court will be that of the registered office of the lessor to which the parties confer exclusive jurisdiction. Nomenclature of degraded parts Price in € BIKE: 1200 € BABY SEAT: 75 € BAGGAGE TRAILER: 75 € TRAILER CHILD: 200 € BATTERY: 450 € FORK: 60 € PEDALIER: 50 € TIRES / pc: 20 € ENGINE WHEEL: 270 € WHEEL AV without MOTOR 90 € REAR WHEEL without MOTOR: 120 € REAR WHEEL with ENGINE: 430 € HANDLE / SPEED: 20 € DERAILLEUR: 55 € SALE: 15 € CHAIN: 10 € HANDLEBAR: 45 € POIG.GUIDON: 5 € V BRAKE BRAKE front or rear: 25 € BRAKE LEVER: 20 € MUD GUARD: 20 € CHAIN ​​PROTECTION: 15 € FRONT LIGHTING: 38 € REAR LIGHTING: 15 € CATADIOPTRE: 5 € PEDALS: 15 € BEAUTY: 15 € CART: 20 € LOCK: 20 € ANTI-THEFT CHAIN: 10 € SONNETTE: 5 € CONTROLLER: 150 € HELMET: 25 € WIRELESS COUNTER: 30 € YELLOW VEST: 10 € ANTI-BREAKING BOMB: 5 € TANDER: 8 € SACOCHES: 50 € SPECTRA CONTROLLER: 50 € MINIMUN PACKAGE TRAVEL 50 € Travel beyond 25 Km by KM 1 € EXCHANGE OF VAE 30 € MANPOWER / 15 minutes 10 € VAE TARIFF GUARANTEES